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Portable Units

Whether you are looking for an emergency air conditioning hire when your server room air conditioning fails or something to cool the office / bedroom over the summer months we have units available, invariably at much cheaper rates than the major hire companies – and we can provide expert advice.

The longer you hire the better rates you will get so don’t put it off, call now for a quote. We can have units delivered in hours for emergencies and normally next day for normal hires.

Below is a small selection of our units. Our stock levels change all the time so please call for availability and remember don’t leave it too late, the earlier you contact us the earlier you can ensure a cool environment.

We also sell some units as well.

For a full specification click on the items of interest.

Product Options

Split Type - Avalanche portable air conditioner unit

Split Type – Avalanche

This unit is simply excellent for cooling Server rooms, Data centres, computer rooms or other areas of high heat gains or large areas due to its ability to continually cool.

Unlike other units this water cooled split system can extend 30 metres between indoor and outdoor units giving huge flexability unlike any other type of hose or split system.

This system is available for hire or purchase.
(name and manufacturer is subject to change but quality will be ensured)

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Hose type - Airrex HSC2500 / HSC3500 portable air conditioner unit

Hose type – Airrex HSC2500 / HSC3500

The Airrex is a powerful hose type unit. The exhaust hose can be reduced to 300mm diameter and extend up to 10 metres.

This unit is good for spot cooling larger areas and can be used in server rooms but a second choice to the Avalanche for such applications.

This unit is available for hire only.

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Dolce Clima 11 portable air conditioner unit

Dolce Clima 11

Content to be confirmed…

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FRAL SC-14 portable air conditioner unit


Content to be confirmed…

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